Plan Your 2017 Training Programs with 2018 In Mind

It is now 2017, and with it comes new challenges and opportunities on the training and development front. New budgets, new titles, and new publications, yet, still only twenty-four hours in a day. So how do you plan on staying on top of it? You can do it by planning for 2018. Wait, did you hear that right? Yes, you did!

This year is known as the Year of the Rooster according to Chinese astrologers, and we all know roosters are known for waking the world up with their early morning crow. That means you should act like a rooster and start early. Obviously, I’m not suggesting that you completely ignore planning for 2017. What you need to do is to plan your 2017 efforts while keeping your 2018 goals in mind. So as you plan for 2017, act like a rooster and start your 2018 early.

All your initiatives in 2017 should have a purpose and measurable goals that you can either reach or build on in 2018, as well.

Here are three examples of how you can “act like a rooster in 2017”:

  • Are you planning on moving a majority of your training materials to digital by 2018? Start planning for the migration by preparing your 2017 materials for digital purposes. This will give you an idea of how many resources and how much time it takes to complete this so you can plan for it in 2018.
  • Is one of your goals to move to a print on-demand model to save on overhead costs? Make it a goal of yours in 2017 to start measuring which titles would be the best fit for this type of model so you can move to a full-scale print-on-demand system in 2018.
  • Are you going to expand the courses you offer in 2017? That’s great! Keep in mind that this will affect your budget and resources in 2018, meaning you may need to hire a new vendor in order to be able to handle the materials and be as cost-effective as possible.

So as you are planning for 2017, remember to start 2018 early and be 100% prepared. Go ahead, act like a rooster!

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