Every association is challenged with producing great content, delivering it in multiple formats, and doing more with less… All in an effort to increase brand awareness, enrollment, revenue, and membership satisfaction. Achieving all of these proves to be a difficult task. Do you ever feel like you need help? You’re not alone.

I recently came across an article entitled “10 reasons you can’t trust employees.” The article was about IT challenges and how employees sometimes unintentionally compromise a company’s internet security without realizing. For example, downloading and installing non-approved software. Anyway, the article title itself is what got me thinking… Do associations TRUST their print and fulfillment vendor to fulfill on their brand promise?

What happens to employees we don’t trust? FIRED! Is there a reason you shouldn’t partner with a vendor who you TRUST and provides honest feedback, to help you GROW. After all, vendors are a key part in protecting and representing your brand. Is there benefit to using a single vendor who understands your overall vision, direction, and challenges?

Your brand and reputation is tied to those you partner with. Choosing a reputable vendor within the associations industry is like picking out a dog, man’s best friend… You need to choose one that understands you and you know will be loyal. When putting the responsibility of building and protecting your brand into the hands of someone else, it should be just like your loyal companion. Not a vendor, but rather your PARTNER.

Have you talked to your partners about:

  1. Your vision: What would your association look like if you had a magic wand? What things would you change immediately? What you like to change in the next two years? What would you absolutely not change?
  2. Your brand: What are your challenges? What do your members like about your brand? What don’t they like? How does your brand stack up against others in your market? What is your reputation amongst the general public?
  3. Your challenges: Are you being challenged to move new technologies but fearful that existing members won’t support it. We can move to new technologies and solutions, but how do we make money? In these cost reduction economic times, are you best utilizing your association staff? Are there services in which your existing partner can support?

If I asked, how many associations are challenged with the items above, it would no doubt be a near 100%. If I asked you how many associations have discussed those items with their existing partners, I’m assuming the percentage would be much less.

Tell me about your challenges…

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