One of your association’s main objectives for its annual meeting is attendee engagement. A conference should motivate and reenergize your membership. You want them to go back to their jobs with renewed vigor, new ideas, and more contacts to add to their mental Rolodexes.

Another practical takeaway for association staff is honest, useful feedback. Sometimes surveys fulfill this goal well, but often, comments are either banal (and therefore, not particularly helpful) or vitriolic, which leads you to consider the source and wonder if the outrage was truly justified.

A fully-featured conference app can help to foster both engagement and feedback with one nifty tool: live polling.

Real-time results are always compelling. In this age of immediate gratification, there’s something addictive about seeing your vote take effect and change the outcome, right now.

You don’t get that from the voting booth on Election Day, or even when you call in to support your favorite contestant on American Idol. This build-up of excitement checks the engagement button.

When you invite attendees to participate in polling via your conference app, you give them an opportunity to submit feedback easily—and in a limited capacity. Polls are multiple choice, so there’s no room for tirades.

The answers can be as basic or as creative as you want them to be; you are in the driver’s seat. Post-session surveys can capture the vibe from a particular speaker on a specific subject.

The polling questions you send out to attendees who downloaded the app concern the conference as a whole, which is good information you can use to plan next year’s meeting. Feedback: check!

Encourage both feedback and engagement with live polling. Experience it in action by downloading our demo conference app (Apple, Android) and taking it for a test drive. Got some feedback of your own to share? Let us know!

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