We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Your brand is critical to your success as an organization. And because it’s so important, it needs to be right, on everything you touch: printed materials (publications, proceedings, directories, and more), association website, event website, mobile app, and training materials. The best way to ensure consistent branding is to partner with one company to produce your association content.

Our clients appreciate that Omnipress event websites are brandable. We can incorporate your association colors and logo—and/or your event colors and logo—so your event website feels like “home” to your members. That consistency builds your brand and fosters positive experiences that your members and potential attendees have with your organization.

In addition to a branded event website that fits your association and its image, Omnipress brings you integration to make your life easier. When your event website works with, not against, your association and conference websites, the experience is easier for attendees and association staff alike. Few things are more frustrating than having to complete a task multiple times. When systems work well together, that means less work for you.

Branding and integration make for a powerful, easy-to-manage event website. The valuable content your association brings to professionals every year deserves a special place to “live,” before, during, and after your event. That can be printed proceedings, which have a certain gravitas all their own, but for many, content that lives online is easier to use and reference at a moment’s notice.

Add in consistent branding and true integration with other websites and your content will remain an important resource for members and attendees while setting your association apart and making content management easier for association staff.

For more information on event websites as part of a complete content delivery strategy, read our whitepaper Event Content Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide to Simplifying Your Life.

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