Chemistry infographics setDoes your association hold poster sessions at its annual meeting? Think about last year’s conference. Picture the hall where the posters were hung and the presenters delivered their research findings to attendees. No doubt there were several brilliant young professionals sharing their ideas, and thoughtful, attentive people soaking up the information.

Now think about how those posters looked. Did they all have a professional appearance? Were they all the correct size, or within the approved range? Was the quality consistent across the board?

Unless you encourage your poster presenters to use a single trusted vendor for printing, the answer to at least one of those questions is probably no. Now consider the impact that has on the attendee experience. Are they impressed with the poster sessions, or does the inconsistency of the poster quality detract from the information presented? You strive for high quality in all of the materials your session presenters use to reach attendees. Why should poster presentations be any different?

Omnipress can help with posters, from collection to online access. Printing, packing, and shipping is part of that process as well. Presenters can choose from the dozens of templates available at, making it easy for them to find the right size specified by your association.

If you promote Omnipress as your association’s preferred poster printer, you can receive additional revenue. Poster presenters must enter your association’s exclusive coupon code, which is required for accurate tracking. They will receive a discount and your association will also receive a portion of the original purchase price. (Contact a friendly account manager for more information.)

Besides the additional income for your association and a discount for presenters, another benefit of using a preferred partner is the consistent quality you’ll see in the hall where poster presentations take place.

If you don’t like the way the wide variety of quality of poster presentations reflects on your association, take control! Work with a preferred partner to maintain your standards while offering your poster presenters a discount and your association additional revenue. It’s a win for everyone involved!

For more information on the entire process of collecting, producing, and digitizing posters for your annual meeting, read our white paper, Posters Made Easy.

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