Victors in wars for independence often claim a bounty—land, resources, and the like—for their side. What would you like to claim for your kingdom (i.e. your staff)? What if the best bounty you could bestow on them wasn’t land or riches, but a far scarcer resource in modern office life—time?

When we speak to organizations about their continuing education training materials, we find that most are using internal staff to process and fulfill orders, and sometimes also to print course books. Some of these staff members have experience and/or degrees in marketing. How would your association benefit if they spent that time on growing membership instead of packing boxes?

Let’s say just one staff member’s time is reallocated to membership activities. This person, Cathy, spent 10 hours a week on order fulfillment; now she can devote all of that time to building membership.

Cathy launches an email campaign to build awareness among industry leaders. She writes and implements a social media plan, gaining the organization dozens of fans and followers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Twice a week, she spends two hours calling former members to ask why they let their membership lapse and presenting a case for renewed commitment.

After just one month focusing on membership activities, Cathy has recruited 10 new members and renewed 8. New members pay $1,000 in dues; renewing members pay $750. Within the first week, when she recruited just four new members, she earned the association the additional income to pay for the entire year of print and fulfillment series from Omnipress.

The other 6 members recruited and 8 renewed? Icing on the cake. If Cathy continues at this pace, she’ll bring in $120,000 in dues from new members (10/month x 12 months/year) and $72,000 in renewal dues (8/month x 12 months/year). That’s almost $200,000 gained on account of the 10 extra hours/week Cathy can spend on membership. (Results and prices may vary.)

You don’t have to go into battle to reclaim staff time. Working with a partner vendor that can take the print and fulfillment of CE training materials off your plate is enough to make a major difference. To get started, read our story of two association professionals who made this change (whitepaper), listen to our Training and Development Talk podcast, or simply reach out to us!

To the victor go the spoils! Take what you need—productive time—and give it back to your staff. Use it on mission-critical work and all of your members will be winners.

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