The collegiate men’s basketball tournament is slated to start its first round games tomorrow. In just a few weeks, a champion will be crowned in the title game on April 4th in Houston.

But why should college athletes have all the fun? Meeting planners know how to winnow down a list to the very best options. You do that every day to pick the top vendors for your conference and the most cost-effective options to make your event run smoothly and under budget.

Let’s blow off some steam! We’ve got our own “March Conference Madness” bracket. Take a look at eight things that drive meeting planners mad and choose one from each category. You’ll help us pare it down to the top four. Here’s how it works:

  • Monday, 3/14 – Vote on eight things that drive meeting planners mad NOW!
  • Friday, 3/18 – Voting closes
  • Monday, 3/21 – Vote on the top four!
  • Friday, 3/25 – Voting closes
  • Monday, 3/28 – Vote between the two remaining answers to determine the winner!
  • Friday, 4/1 – Voting closes
  • Monday, 4/4 – Winner is announced

Fill out your bracket! Visit this page or go to our Facebook page and click on the March Conference Madness tab to vote.

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