There’s a few common ways our clients deliver their digital content to their members, attendees and customers:

  1. Online
  2. CD/DVDs
  3. Flash Drives

They all have pros and cons, such as cost, whether you’re looking to provide up-to-the minute information, whether the delivery method is appropriate to your audience and their platforms, and if you’d like to provide your attendees with a tangible and useful take away from your event.

Flash drives are a great choice because:

  • Flash drives can be branded.
  • You have many options for storage size.
  • You can deliver many types of digital content.
  • Flash drives serve as another storage solution for your users. Whether they use the extra space, or delete your content altogether, it’s a valuable giveaway with your brand on it

However, there’s one feature that our clients commonly ask for on flash drives, and that’s autorun. They ask, “Why doesn’t my content automatically launch when I plug in my flash drive? My CDs do that!”

Well, the reason is because that behavior has been and is still a great way for someone to place a virus on your machine. Envision this scenario: You insert a flash drive, it automatically installs a virus, and then you get to explain yourself to your IT department.

Because of this potential, the major players completely disabled the ability to do this with flash drives (although I’m not sure why Microsoft still allows you to do it with a CD, but at least you can manually turn it off).

So maybe I should add another item to our reasons that flash drives are a great choice:

  • Flash drives won’t instantly install viruses on your machine using autorun.

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