About two months ago, Facebook announced that it would be creating a Social Good team, with the purpose of building tools that will help contribute to good causes around the world. In typical Facebook style, they have wasted no time announcing a new tool with the release of “Fundraiser” pages for the sole purpose of helping nonprofits ‘reach new supporters, engage their community and get the valuable funding they need to continue their good work.’ (source: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2015/11/introducing-new-tools-for-nonprofits/)

The Details

First of all, it looks like they’ll require your organization be a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Fundraisers are meant specifically for nonprofit organizations for a specific campaign. This could be anything from raising funds for homeless in your area, or maybe building clean water wells in impoverished areas. Whatever your organization’s great cause may be, this is a fantastic way to leverage social media and the community you’ve built to support it. Those who wish to support your cause will now be able to donate without having to leave Facebook with a newly improved Donate button.

Here are the Features via Facebook:

Reach more people who care

  • Share fundraisers with Page followers
  • Invite key supporters to join
  • Anyone can share a fundraiser and invite friends

Engage Your Supporters

  • Add photos and videos to tell your story
  • Start a discussion and encourage others to post
  • Provide updates and let supporters know when you reach a goal

Increase Donations

  • People can donate in a few taps, without leaving Facebook
  • Customize donation amounts and collect funds from all around the world
  • Donors can share that they’ve donated, and all shared posts have a Donate button

What It Means for Associations & Nonprofits

So what does this truly mean for associations and nonprofits? Here are 3 ways this new tool will help your cause:

1) Ease of Access, Ease of Donating: If you’ve ever been part of a fundraiser in today’s digital age, you know one of the biggest setbacks associations and nonprofits face is allowing simple access for donaters to sign up and contribute. Some times they are required to create an account, which takes up their valuable time. With Facebook Fundraisers, a majority of contributors (1.55 billion monthly active users) will already have an account. They will simply login to their Facebook account, hit donate, and their done. That’s easy!

2) Leverage the Mobile Movement: Another one of the biggest hurdles that online fundraisers face is finding a program that is mobile-friendly for the thousands of different devices that are out there. Since this tool is built within Facebook, that’s not a worry because Facebook is a leader in user-experience and mobile-friendliness.

3) Centralized Donation Collection: No more trying to figure out how much you’ve raised between the five or six different programs you’ve had to use to collect donations. You can now use Fundraisers as your centralized donation collector, and send all interested contributors to your page. Never doubt how effective your campaign is again.

Learn How Your Organization Can Start Raising Funds

Although Facebook is only currently testing this capability with 37 partner organizations, you can still get more information by visiting Facebook’s Charitable Giving page.

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