Think about your educational content as that box of photos you have collecting dust in your storage area… You’ve been meaning to put those photos in albums for years, haven’t you? (Don’t worry… You’re not alone. We’ve all been meaning to do the same.)

Chances are you already have an archived collection of valuable educational content, but are you sharing it in a way that is organized and usable, or are you letting it collect dust?

Using a Digital Publishing Platform to Share Content

A great way to organize and share content that many associations are now using is through a digital publishing platform. It’s a great way to archive all of your educational content, and utilize it as a marketing tool for your association.

For example, when the Transportation Research Board (TRB) was looking for a way to make more content, more accessible in an eco-friendly way, they created a digital publishing platform to host over 5,000 technical papers and presentations from their Annual Meeting.

A Digital Publishing Platform offers…

  • Various levels of access and price points for users
  • Content in a variety of segments
  • Tracking abilities which make it possible to see what content bundles are the most appealing for different users.

Take a look at your content: How could a digital publishing platform benefit your association?

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