No one likes to be out of the loop. Your members want to know what happened at this year’s conference, but they still haven’t figured out a way to be in three places at once. That’s why you publish proceedings: Everyone wants to know what’s happening, but no one can attend every session. News your members need, available in a beautiful, high-quality print edition to peruse at their leisure or refer to as needed.


Your members remember your sessions as best they can, but no one’s memory lasts forever. That’s where your program comes in handy. Knowing exactly which papers were presented which year, by whom, is important information to have at hand. While this information may be easier to ascertain with an online version, some members prefer using print. Some just like to have it, because it’s a great resource. Because their bookshelves are looking a little bare these days, and an additional volume would look nice. Because … well, just because, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Tangible, Historical Archive

Is it important for your members to have physical copies of content? Is having an actual, tangible library of association content a matter of pride and honor? Yes and yes!

History, be it personal or professional, industry-wide or company-specific, has a place in your members’ memories, and it deserves a place on their office bookshelves, too. Offer proceedings in print to keep the history alive and thriving.

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