Less is more, as the saying goes, but sometimes that’s not true. Now and then, more is more.

When it comes to your association’s continuing education training content, for instance, giving learners multiple access points is a good thing. Why?

Your association’s mission likely includes a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.

Take a minute to think about what that looks like. Sometimes that will include an hour-long study session, reading the course content from a printed book. Sometimes it won’t. Is your mission limited to when your learners have large swaths of time to spend, or would you also include learning that busy members manage to squeeze into their days? Learning doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone.

People want to be able to read professional development materials whenever, wherever they get a chance.

Giving them access to training materials online is how to make it happen. Learners want to capitalize on those precious moments of free time in their days.

If a friend is late for lunch, they want the option to bring up the CE content on a smartphone or tablet and get a little review time in. Waiting in line? Read a few pages from your CE course book.

If your materials aren’t available online, members might choose Candy Crush instead. (They might in either case, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.) Which option supports your association’s mission? That’s only possible with online training materials.

Online access to training materials also leads to learners who come to the course ready to learn and participate.

When printed course books are the only option, learners come to the class site curious, but in some ways, unprepared.

From a cost and logistical standpoint, it’s best to have all course books sent to the site of the learning event. That doesn’t help get the class off on the right foot, though. If online training materials are available, your instructors can assign a short reading to be completed before the first class starts. Learners come with enough background knowledge to hit the ground running.

More access points to your training materials means more successful courses and learner experience.

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