Virtual Event Platform Needs Assessment Worksheet

While the pandemic is (mostly) behind us, the rise in virtual event content is not.  Many organizations recognize the benefit of expanding conference access to a virtual audience.  But their requirements for a virtual event platform may not be the same as they were during the height of the pandemic.

Assess Your Virtual Event Platform Needs With This Worksheet

To make it easier to narrow in on the best solution for your event moving forward, we’ve created this handy Virtual Event Platform Needs Assessment Worksheet.

Before you schedule any product demos, document your answers to the six questions outlined in this worksheet. Taking this time will accomplish several key things:

  1. It results in a finely-tuned checklist of requirements to evaluate and ensures your planning team is on the same page
  2. It helps you separate and prioritize must-have vs. nice-to-have features
  3. Providing this information to vendors allows them to spend time on features and functionality that actually matter to you

Download the worksheet

Whether you’re hosting a live, multi-day virtual event or you just want to provide on-demand access to recorded session videos, using this worksheet to organize and prioritize your needs and requirements ahead of time will make it easier to navigate your options.

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