Pop quiz: Can you name five essential elements of Omnipress’ Digital Publishing Platforms?

Need a cheat sheet? We’ve got you covered. To review, the DPP offers:

  • Full-Text, Faceted Search
  • My Library
  • Access Management
  • Administrative Panel
  • AMS Integration
  • Search Engine Accessibility
  • Responsive Design
  • Analytics
  • Sharing Widgets
  • Mobile App Integration

Clearly, a digital publishing platform helps your members get more value out of the content you provide. But don’t forget that your association itself will benefit, too! Put your content to work for your members, and it will work in your favor as well.

Attract New Members—When your association content can be found online, potential new members can find you. The more mentions your association has, the higher that search engines will rate it. Social sharing can also attract new recruits, as your current memberships may expose their friends and colleagues to your associations. Most importantly of all, offering content online, where most people are accessing all kinds of information, adds more value to an association membership.

Engage Members—Now that you have more members, it’s important to keep them active and engaged in your association. Publish your content online and suddenly it seems more relevant. It’s the strangest thing! If you offer content where and how your members prefer it, they’ll feel more engaged when they consume it. They’ll be inspired to share the content, telling colleagues just how cool and easy it is to access policy books, standards, eNewsletters, and more, easily accessible online.

Over the next few days, we will go over other ways the Omnipress DPP can benefit your association. Tomorrow we’ll discuss how it can extend your brand. Giving your members what they crave while building your brand? Yeah, we can do that.

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