Innovation is important in your industry—and in every industry, as a matter of fact. As an association training professional, innovation often starts with you. Updated content keeps your courses fresh and forward-looking. However, if you choose large print runs for your books, revisions can really cost you.

If you expect that your course content will need frequent revision, whether that’s due to impacts of emerging technologies or legislation that’s coming down the pike, you should consider printing your training materials on demand.

You’ll avoid two types of waste: leftover books that are no longer relevant (or correct at all) and money on the table. Large print runs usually mean price breaks, but how much do you really end up saving if you throw hundreds of books away?

Omnipress encourages print-on-demand solutions for some associations because it tends to be a better fit for organizations whose content is dynamic. To be a leader in your industry, as most associations strive to be, stagnation is the enemy. If you keep training content constant as the industry is changing, you may be doing a disservice to your learners.

When you print on demand, you estimate how many volumes you’ll need on hand based on past enrollment. As learners order course books, the inventory begins to deplete. A micro-inventory is kept on hand (often with your fulfillment partner, if applicable) to cover any extra orders that may come in. If none do, your bottom line isn’t impacted; you only pay for the volumes that were ordered. Inventory reports are available online, 24/7, so you can keep an eye on stock and request more course books as needed.

Think about how your training program has evolved over the past five years and where you see it going by 2020. Not much change? That’s fine, and Omnipress can help with traditional print runs, too. On the other hand, if you see differences in content and class offerings on the horizon, you should take the time to ponder whether print-on-demand is the right choice for your association’s training program.

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