When it comes to your corporate training program, it helps to work with a content provider that can meet many of your delivery needs. The fewer places you have to turn for help, the easier your day. Communication is streamlined, project management is improved, and your to-do list is shortened.

Omnipress offers more of the services you may need to deliver corporate training materials to learners, including print, CDs/USBs, design and formatting services, online training materials, custom kitting, and inventory management.

Print services: With 37 years of experience, Omnipress knows print. Whatever your organization needs to be successful, we can get it done. Our experienced project managers and tenured production staff (with an average of 20 years with the company!) can help bring your ideas to fruition.

Design and formatting services: Need help bringing your content to the printed page? Omnipress design and formatting services to the rescue! Count on our design team to take your quality content up a notch. Good design and formatting makes your content easier to read and highlights important points.

CDs/USBs: Physical digital media has been in on the presses wheelhouse for many years: since 1995 for CDs and 2008 for USBs. These products bridge the gap between printed materials and online resources, giving learners a method to access content digitally, even if internet connectivity is not available.

Online training materials: Learners appreciate the opportunity to connect with your content online. Some students wish to read ahead and come to class prepared to engage in a discussion, even if course books are not available until instructor-led training begins. Other content works better online, including videos and other interactive materials.

Custom kitting: Let Omnipress take care of preparing kits for each training your organization conducts. Streamline instructor preparation by having, for example, 25 course books, 30 highlighters, 25 learning guides, one instructor manual, and 25 certificates shipped as a complete package to the site of your learning event.

Fulfillment: Omnipress can integrate its order processing system with your online store or course registration system, making it simple to connect a learner with the correct course materials.

Inventory management: Keep track of how many books you have on hand by trusting Omnipress to handle inventory management on your behalf. You’ll have 24/7 access to reports online, as well as the ability to create custom reports to meet your specific needs.

The more you work with Omnipress for your corporate training content delivery, the more we can learn about your organization and how to create a process and customize outputs to aid learner retention.

What’s more, your job becomes easier because you don’t have to reach out to multiple vendors to complete a project. This frees up staff time for mission-critical work, which in turn can lead to the expansion of your training programs. Just think how much more effective your program can be if you choose a single-source provider!

Reach out to Omnipress today to learn more about how our services can streamline your content delivery process!

About Omnipress

Omnipress delivers educational content for associations and other organizations. Digital and print solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences and training programs.

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