It’s true: You get what you pay for! Most people (and most organizations) can’t afford to spend lavishly on everything, though, so you have to choose what counts and where you can save. Sometimes you need the best product or service available; other times, “good enough” will do just fine.

Where do your association’s printed training materials fall on this scale? It’s tempting to think of this as a place to cut corners in your budget, but when your reputation is on the line, it’s wise to think twice.

Whether it’s the training staff or individual instructors running copies and working with large national retailers to get the materials ready, getting the job done can mean little more than checking the box. The cost is reasonable and it’s convenient to have instructors use a well-known entity for printing services. Seems harmless enough, right?

Take a close look at those course books. The ones created on the fly, as one of an instructor’s weekend errands. Would you describe the quality as world-class? Is your brand well-represented? Hold up that book to another one from a different instructor. Do the colors match? How is the binding holding up? If you looked at the book in 10 years, would it stand the test of time, or would it fall apart from heavy use because the paper quality and binding weren’t up to snuff?Spiral bound notebook with pencil over rattan desk- shallow dof

These pictures show a more generic comb-bound picture (top), which might be similar to what an instructor might put together with limited time and resources. A spiral-bound book (right) has a more professional look and higher quality; a dedicated printer would produce results like this, for less than what you might think.

In other words, “good enough” might not be anymore. At some point, you’ll have to weigh the convenience and cost savings of reproducing books on your own, or having instructors do the same, with the reputation and brand your association wants to reflect. Most likely, these two concepts are at odds with each other, and it’s time to decide what your brand is worth.

Maybe you think working with a dedicated printer for your continuing education materials is cost-prohibitive. When was the last time you checked? Have you been assuming that it’s easier for instructors to run their own copies, regardless of whether that represents your association in the best light. It’s time to think about it: What is quality and reputation worth to your association?

Or perhaps you’re unaware of how much better the print quality could be. That problem is easily solved! Omnipress would be happy to speak with you, determine if your project would be a good fit, and, if appropriate, print a sample of your course book. If you’d be interested to see how high-quality printing looks on your association’s content, reach out to us today! We’d love to show you the difference a qualified printer can make for your organization.

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