When everybody gets along, life is better. When you work with people that actually like each other, the workday is more pleasant. If you regularly enjoy fun times and few conflicts with friends, your social life feels fuller and more satisfying. This extends to companies as well; if a restaurant and its suppliers have a good working relationship that feels fair and balanced, both parties can relax and focus on other goals, like preparing a tasty, fresh gnocchi dish.

And “everyone” doesn’t even have to be people—it can be systems, too. If you make a change on a mobile device, and it carries through when you check out the same program on your laptop, you don’t have to do the same thing again and you can get on with your day. Many a workday headache is caused by systems that don’t “talk” to each other. Add manual data entry (that wouldn’t need to be done, if systems worked together) to the mix and frustration ensues.

If your organization holds continuing education training, your learners may order course books online. Then what happens? Is your eCommerce store connected to the order fulfillment system? Or do you have to manually enter the learner’s order into a different system to alert your fulfillment house that a new order came in?

Omnipress’ order fulfillment system works directly with your AMS or class registration system. If a learner signs up for a CE training course and orders a book, that information can automatically be sent to Omnipress for fulfillment. Your organization can run reports at any time to check on inventory, order status, and package tracking, but the intermediate step of entering the order information—that has already been entered by the learner—can be skipped entirely.

Streamline your order fulfillment process by partnering with Omnipress for print and fulfillment of your continuing education training materials. For examples of how we’ve helped associations like yours, read the training case studies, found in the Our Work section at Omnipress.com.

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