Many associations have a plethora of technical papers, reference guides, and conference materials sitting uselessly on their shelves.

Have you ever thought about making this content more usable?

“Content is king, usability is everything!”

With a knowledge center, you are able to unlock this valuable content leveraging it into a marketable asset by making it available with membership.

Eight Things You are ABLE To Do with a Content Knowledge Center:

  1. Make it Searchable: Metadata filtering (author name, subject, event, date, etc.) allows search engines to easily and quickly find your content by the commonly used search terms. And since each page of content has its own unique URL, users will be taken to the exact page where their search is most relevant.
  2. Make it Findable: Since each page of content has its own URL that is indexed with Google, your search engine optimization will drastically improve.
  3. Make it Trackable: With a powerful web analytics tool integrated with your knowledge center, you will be able to track who is looking at what content for how long. Being able to track this data serves as a valuable marketing tool for your educational content and organization.
  4. Make it Accessible: Users will be able to view your knowledge center from any device with internet capabilities and access. And since each page has a unique URL, pages, videos, and audio can be downloaded very quickly. Additionally, you can control accessibility with various subscription offers based on user type, subscription length, member/non-member, pricing and content blocks.
  5. Make it Updatable: With new and revised materials continually being added, new content can be quickly and easily updated. Notifications of updates can be easily shared via RSS feeds.
  6. Make it Sharable: By incorporating social sharing widgets for social media sites, users can easily share content out to their friends and followers. Your audience instantly grows in ways it never could.
  7. Make it Marketable: Putting your content in a knowledge center allows you the opportunity to sell a collection, section of document, page, and even access to the site. Using various price points, you can charge different types of users (i.e. attendees, sponsors, general public, etc.) different prices offering discounts to some, or free trials. Also, by having a selectively open site to search engines, users can view but not see certain content driving more traffic and enticing users to gain membership or pay for the content.
  8. Make it Integratable: Knowledge centers can be seamlessly integrated with AMS or registration allowing for SSO (single sign on) capabilities. Provided as a “software as a service,” there is no server to maintain and no hardware to purchase.

Want to learn more? Check out our twelve page white paper that will show you in greater detail how you can use a knowledge center to leverage your content!

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