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qr code just in time learning

October 09, 2019

QR Codes: A Surprising Way to Deliver Just-in-Time Training

QR codes are seeing a resurgence across industries and could be beneficial for education pros who want to deliver fast, accessible just-in-time training and other learning materials to professionals in the field.

April 16, 2019

Make Your Training Manuals Mobile-Friendly in 3 Easy Steps

Mobile training programs are not just a hot industry trend, they provide valuable just-in-time educational materials for learners when they need them most. But it is important to ensure that users receive a good user experience when viewing mobile training materials. Take these simple steps to optimize your content for mobile learning.

February 19, 2019

The Future of Continuing Education Can be Found in K-12 Classrooms

Continuing Education professionals can advance their adult learning programs by looking at the evolution of today's K-12 classrooms.

Microlearning for printed course materials

August 20, 2018

Apply Microlearning Concepts to Your Printed Course Materials

Microlearning isn't just an elearning strategy. Your printed course materials can support microlearning with a few changes to design and layout.

July 01, 2017

Focus on These 12 Traits for Effective Adult Learning

To design an effective adult learning curriculum, it's important to understand the 12 traits that make adult participants unique.

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