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Abstract Management Software

Collect, review, schedule, and manage conference abstracts and presentation submissions for
in-person, virtual, or hybrid events.

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Collect Abstract Submissions

  • Manage single or multiple events
  • Set up single or multiple submission rounds
  • Collect abstracts, papers, video presentations, posters, speaker info
  • Record and submit video presentations with built-in video capture tool
  • Forms configured to match your criteria
  • Collect payments with fraud protection
  • Send batch emails to submitters
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with AMS integration
  • At-a-glance dashboard to check review status

Review Abstract Submissions

  • Manage single or multiple review rounds
  • Auto-assign reviewers to submissions or assign manually
  • Create blind and double-blind review panels
  • Customize scoring criteria
  • Integrates with iThenticate plagiarism software
  • At-a-glance dashboard for review status
  • Send batch emails to reviewers

Easy for Event Planners

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Customer Support All the Way

CATALYST is more than an abstract management software, it’s people-powered.

Each customer is assigned a dedicated project manager who takes care of your system setup and provides ongoing support, insights, and recommendations for the entire time you work with Omnipress.

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Cheryl P.
Excellent Product, Great Value ☺The software was easy to use and navigate. The process was very simplistic for our team and users. The vast array of customizable reports was a life saver. The customer service was awesome. Our rep was very responsive and helpful through the entire process. They were able to make changes very quickly. ☹We didn't find any issues while using the software.
Vivian T.
Helped make this course a success! ☺The ability to hand off the work we used to do pre-course and trust it was all taken care of. They created the site to mirror our company and had constant communication and follow-up to our requests and changes. ☹I had no issues with it and was so pleased to have a tool to collect our abstracts/presentation materials for the faculty.
Phillip K.
Basic Functions for Managing Conference Paper Review Process - More Functions Desired ☺The customer support was very good, with a project manager from Omnipress assigned to us who was very responsive. The submission process was also relatively easy for paper authors and paper reviewers. ☹I have used other conference paper submission and review software tools and found them to be much easier to use - from an administrative side. For example, the process of adding reviewers to the system, assigning reviews, and viewing results is a very manual process. Significant automation of these tasks is needed, along with improved visualization of the reviewer scores for each paper. I provided Omnipress with a long list of recommended improvements many of which I believe they are working on.
Vanessa V.
Simple and Effective I have been working with Catalyst for over three years and I love I don't have to worry about the functionality and customer service. There's a lot to learn but it's so simple and user friendly, it's quick. ☺-Usability including training for evaluation and application function especially with the ongoing changes of volunteers who evaluate programs ☹Pulling reports! I wish there was a clearer way to do this as it doesn't seem as simplistic as it could be.
Devin D.
Catalyst review Less labor Great support Quick turnarounds Mass emails This software has made the whole collection of abstracts a lot easier for our group. I can't even imagine going back to the way we used to do it. ☺We lost an employee due to retirement and then picked up this software, which made it easy to transition from our old manual process to a new, online process - with less labor. ☹The fact that you can't have several collections running at the same time. They are all lumped into one collection, even though we are collecting several different types of abstracts at different times.
Gayla T.
Great product! My overall experience over the past 4 years has been great! The software accomplishes what we need it to, it allowed the full process to be in one place, and the customer support and timeliness of requests is the best I've experienced from any vendor I've ever worked with. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an abstract management system. ☺For us, the main benefit was how much it cut down on staff time to manually create custom webpages of our own with the necessary information, first for the actual Call for Papers and then separately for the Reviewers. All the way from the Call for Papers to the review process was tedious and took many hours between 2 staff members. This product put everything in one place and offered easy completion for the applicant and easy access for the reviewers and cut staff time to very little. ☹There are places where it's not obvious how to get from one place to another. So for a beginning user, it could be a little frustrating. But once you're oriented, it's very easy.
Filomena P.
Catalyst - Great Abstract System ☺Very user friendly. Great search engine. ☹Little complicated for issuance of reports
JoDee S.
CATALYST review My point person at Omnipress is SO helpful. ☺It easily collects a lot of information and is understood by people who do not necessarily communicate with English as their first language. ☹The dashboard format can be confusing to navigate at times.


pricing consists of two parts:

  1. A charge per submission, plus
  2. A flat fee for technical and project management support

Per-Submission Fee:
Cost per submission decreases based on volume.  Quote is developed based on estimated number of submissions, but the final invoice is adjusted based on actual numbers.

Technical and Project Management Support:
Includes set-up and configuration of submission and review forms; set-up of broadcast emails; standard report set-up; data export and clean-up; ongoing project and tech support; and staff training.

Additional fees may apply for specialized requirements or third-party integrations. We will discuss options and solutions prior to final quote.

Bundle two or more of our conference products and services to streamline your event set up and save your organization money.

CATALYST Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! CATALYST currently integrates with several AMS platforms, the Attendify® mobile event app, payment gateways Authorize.net and Bluepay, and iThenticate plagiarism detection software.  CATALYST has the capability to integrate with other platforms, so if you’re looking for a specific integration, just let us know! We’re happy to discuss your requirements, timeline, and budget for integration.

When you work with Omnipress, you are assigned a dedicated project manager who serves as your primary point of contact for the entire project, including site set-up and deployment, answering questions, providing suggestions, conducting training with you and your team, and providing ongoing customer support.  On average, it takes approximately three weeks to set-up and go-live with your site. However, that timeline can be adjusted as necessary to meet your needs.

Not at all. CATALYST is hosted on Azure cloud-based servers which yield a 99+% uptime, so submitters, reviewers and administrators can access your site at any time, from any device with the appropriate login credentials.

For event planners, administrators and staff, support is provided via phone or email by your assigned project manager from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday-Friday, excluding U.S. holidays. For submitters and reviewers, CATALYST features automated password recovery assistance, which typically comprises 70% of all support requests. For all other technical support questions, submitters and reviewers submit an online support request. CATALYST is integrated with Zendesk®, the leading online customer help tool in the world. We also provide 24/7 access to a comprehensive, searchable library of help articles that are updated frequently.

No, there is no minimum or maximum. Because we are hosting CATALYST on one of the top cloud-based services, we can easily flex its capacity to handle collections of all sizes, from large to small.

You can use CATALYST to collect just about anything you need for your conference, including: abstracts, papers, posters, presentations, speaker photos and bios, session handouts, sponsor and exhibitor materials, logos, pre-recorded session videos and even applications for awards, grants and scholarships. CATALYST can support just about any file format type, from Word documents and PowerPoint files to PDFs, videos, images, and audio files.

Because CATALYST is so flexible and scalable, it works well whether your process includes multiple rounds of collection and review, or it can be used as an invited-speaker-only, final collection site for papers, presentations or even for recording and submitting session videos for virtual or hybrid events.

Absolutely! Except for some hard-coded text and buttons (such as Submit, Edit, and Withdraw), your CATALYST submission site starts essentially as a blank slate. You determine the steps in your collection process, the questions you want to ask submitters and reviewers, the limitations and requirements for those questions, and the order that information is provided, and your Omnipress project manager will set up your site accordingly. We also can dynamically show or hide fields based on a submitter or reviewer’s previous answers or based on the submission or review type. This personalization is a standard part of every set-up and is included in the cost of your site.

CATALYST not only helps you streamline the collection, review and accept/reject of conference content, you can also use CATALYST to build your conference schedule through our simple drag-and-drop feature, and then publish your conference schedule and session content directly to your website as an embedded widget, and/or to the Attendify® mobile event app. Omnipress is also a conference printing specialist, so we can turn that same content into a printed program book, proceedings, and other attendee or sponsor materials.

CATALYST can facilitate event registration and payment collection for a simple registration process. We recommend discussing your registration process and requirements with your Omnipress account manager or project manager so that we can help determine a solution that will work best for you.

Each year, we work with hundreds of associations, non-profit organizations, association management companies, event planning companies, corporations and other organizations on their call for abstracts, papers or speakers, as well as delivering session content to attendees online, in a mobile app or in print.

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