Virtual Conference & Event Platform

Virtual + Hybrid Conference &
Event Platform

Provide on-demand and livestream access
to virtual and hybrid event content.

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Deliver Virtual & Hybrid Event Content with Ease.

Our virtual + hybrid conference & event platform is a configurable solution to deliver synchronous and asynchronous conference session content to virtual attendees

Event Platform Features

We configure our event platform to support the specific needs of your conference.
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple user access control options, including SSO
  • Configurable navigation and menus
  • Outbound linking to support live streaming and 3rd party content
  • Customizable colors and branding
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
  • In-platform sponsorship opportunities
  • Speaker index and bio pages
  • Exhibitor and sponsor index and profile pages
  • Commenting and engagement opportunities
  • Content metrics and audience analytics
  • Compatible with Google Analytics tracking
  • Integrates with our CATALYST® abstract management software
online video training platform

Simplify Virtual & Hybrid Event Content Collection

Give speakers a simple and consistent way to record and submit pre-recorded video sessions for publishing online with our video capture & recording tool.

There is no need to download any additional software—our tool works right in your browser.

*Ask us about how speakers can also submit other supplemental materials such as MP4s, PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

Virtual Conference and Event Platform

Publish Virtual & Hybrid Event Content Online

Published event content can be accessed by virtual attendees during the event.

Keep session content accessible to all attendees—in-person and virtual–for up to a year or more after the event ends to support a year-round learning and engagement strategy.

For increased reach and revenue, sell access to event content to non-attendees.

Build a year-over-year library of event content and keep it live for as long as you’d like.

Disqus Audience Analytics

Analyze Event Performance

Discover your most engaging content and sessions with audience analytics.

Track new and returning attendees and engaged users over time.

Virtual Conference Platform Pricing

Our Virtual Conference & Event Platform pricing consists of two parts:

  1. Nominal charge per uploaded file
  2. 12-month hosting agreement, which can be extended beyond that

Price includes time and labor for your Omnipress project manager to handle all of the platform set-up and file uploads.

Bundle two or more of our conference products and services to streamline your event set up and save your organization money.

Virtual Conference Platform Frequently Asked Questions

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