Customer Story:
International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium

Implemented cost-saving inventory levels
for printed course materials

Properly managed inventory levels for course book distribution in more than 135 countries

(ISC)2 is a nonprofit specializing in educating and certifying information professionals. It has been described as the “world’s largest IT security organization,” providing Gold Standard credentials to a membership of nearly 90,000 certified industry professionals in more than 135 countries.

"Working with Omnipress is more than hiring a print company. They are a partner that cares about providing a quality product and upholds the old-world thinking of customer service."

Dave White, Product Development Manager, (ISC)2

Challenge: Find a better way to manage inventory of course materials for international fulfillment

To deliver course materials to more than 135 countries, (ISC)2 was printing a 6-12 month supply of course books, and then shipping and storing the materials in four locations around the world. This print and inventory model required a large up-front financial investment and decreased the profitability of its courses. Additionally, maintaining inventory in multiple locations made it more difficult to track and measure costs.

Solution: A print and fulfillment model that balances cost-per-piece with inventory levels

Recognizing these challenges, (ISC)2 reached out to potential third-party solution providers. Omnipress performed an evaluation of the organization’s complete print and fulfillment process. Together, they were able to help (ISC)2 quantify the true cost of printing and shipping their materials and develop a print and fulfillment model that balanced cost-per-piece with appropriate inventory levels. Omnipress was able to migrate (ISC)2 to a micro-inventory solution that eliminated the need to print, ship, and store materials in multiple locations around the globe.

Results: A 60% cost reduction for instructor-led course materials

By switching to a micro-inventory model by partnering with Omnipress, (ISC)2 reduced the cost of providing materials for their instructor-led courses by 60%, which also increased their cash flow. The organization now pays monthly based on known receivables rather than investing up-front in a year’s worth of material.

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