Customer Story:
National Retail
Federation Foundation

Optimized course offerings and a streamlined print and fulfillment process

Omnipress earned the trust of NRFF and took their Customer Service and Sales certification materials to new heights.

NRF Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the National Retail Federation. The NRF Foundation helps support a bigger, better pool of talent for retailers through education, training and experiences, helping more job seekers take steps toward promising careers in the retail industry.

"A lot of things can be negotiated—timeline, cost—but finding people you can work with and trust is something money can’t buy."

Jenny Hammock, Manager of Certification and Training Programs, National Retail Federation Foundation

Challenge: Grow training programs while streamlining and optimizing their course book offerings

The NRF Foundation began to examine how to grow their training programs. At the time, NRFF’s Customer Service and Sales certification material was available from two different course books, which created confusion for participants purchasing the material. The first book, developed and owned by NRFF, did not provide an optimal experience for instructors and learners. The student book did not match the instructor’s, making classroom discussion difficult, and did not provide the opportunity for self-study that students were asking for. The second book, developed by a third party, hadn’t been updated in nearly ten years.

Solution: Enhance printed course materials inside and out to better facilitate learning

NRFF decided to focus on their own book, making significant changes to the structure and design. Their main three objectives were to re-write the book, ensure core content matches between instructor and student, and implement design and print quality that enhances the material. NRFF reached out to Omnipress with a very specific vision of what the organization wanted to achieve: take their vision and apply it across both books in a way that not only looked impressive but facilitated learning.

Results: Professionally designed, formatted, and printed course books with a fulfillment process that left NRFF more time for program development

Initial response to the new books was extremely positive. Not only are the books “beautiful,” but the student textbook, with its more robust content, allows learners to choose to self-study or join an instructor-led session. Allowing Omnipress to manage the entire process — design, formatting, printing, and order fulfillment — simplified and streamlined the entire project, allowing staff to spend more time on program development.

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