Customer Story:
The International Wire and Cable Symposium (IWCS)

IWCS blended print and digital event content that engaged conference attendees and increased industry visibility.

A blended event content strategy creates the perfect attendee experience

The IWCS organizes the International Cable & Connectivity Symposium for industry professionals to exchange information about product, material, and process innovation for cabling and connectivity solutions. The conference features over 100 papers and presentations over three days, with the goal to continue the evolution of technology in the wire and cable industry.

"Omnipress had the capabilities and experience to help us better leverage our content in a way that supported our strategic goals as an organization."

John Barteld, Chief Executive Officer, International Wire and Cable Symposium

Challenge: Upgrade conference strategy to embrace technology and increase attendance and industry relevance

Although they are a technical organization themselves, IWCS had not yet embraced technology as part of its conference execution. Many attendees of the conference appreciated having another printed volume of conference proceedings to add to their collections, but its limited distribution made it difficult for IWCS to leverage this industry-shaping content to increase visibility and attendance for the event and raise the global profile of the organization.

Solution: A conference strategy that blends print, digital, and mobile event content

IWCS worked with Omnipress to create a more blended conference strategy, providing more value to all industry members. The overall design of the existing event website was updated, and a content library was created, consisting of both current and archived conference proceedings. Attendees still receive a printed book of conference proceedings, but the online content library allows all industry members—including those that have not yet discovered the annual conference—to access information quickly and easily.

IWCS also worked with Omnipress to introduce a mobile conference app featuring session handouts, programs, and speaker information, attendee profiles, and pertinent conference details to provide on-site access to content.

Results: Increased attendee engagement and conference visibility within the industry

IWCS rapidly learned that going digital boosts attendee engagement. Attendees spent time with the papers and handouts ahead of time and came to the sessions prepared for discussion more than ever before. IWCS has also increased the visibility of their conference—and its content—to prospective attendees and to the industry at large.

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