Provide a Printed Book at No Cost to Your Organization

A unique print-on-demand solution where we take on the logistics and cost of printing and delivering your booklets.

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Provide printed conference and training booklets just to those participants who want them.

If you don’t want to take on the financial and logistical burden of offering printed conference proceedings, training manuals, or other educational materials, but know that at least some of your participants still want them, EasyPrint is your answer. We create an online store where participants place their orders, and then print, pack, and ship materials at no cost to you.

How Works in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Omnipress creates, hosts, and manages an online storefront to merchandise your printed materials available for purchase.
  2. You provide attendees/participants with a link to your storefront where they order materials directly from us.
  3. You provide a print-ready file of your educational materials.
  4. Omnipress will print, pack, and ship items to conference attendees or training participants at no cost to you.

Increase the Value of Your Educational Event

Many event attendees and training participants prefer a tangible printed piece they can use to follow along with, take notes in, and use as a reference afterwards. is a way to enhance their learning experience at no additional cost to you.

Increase Value for Internal & External Partners

Provide sponsors and exhibitors additional placements for brand advertising and exposure. For internal partners, use the printed pieces to promote upcoming webinars, training and certification programs, and other events.

Eliminate Financial Risk

No more worrying about out-of-pocket costs and over-printing educational materials. We only print what your learners order, and you don’t pay for a thing.


We work with you to set an appropriate price per book for your attendees/end users based on:

  • Project specifications (page count, finished size, binding type, etc.)
  • Perceived value
  • Any relevant historical information

This is the amount your attendees pay to Omnipress at the time they place their order. There is no cost whatsoever to your organization.

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