Digital Flipbook FAQs

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Your end users can view and interact with your digital flipbook on multiple types of devices, including PC and Mac desktop computers, iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. The flipbook is programmed using HTML5 to provide the best experience to mobile readers.

There are no limitations to the number of pages featured within your flipbook.

Absolutely! Download is disabled by default, but we can easily enable that function. Simply ask your Omnipress project manager at the initiation of your project.

One of the benefits of a digital flipbook is that it combines the visibility of print with multi-media tools that bring a sponsor’s message to life, including: embedded audio, video, hyperlinks, and rollover text.

The flipbook files are hosted on Microsoft® Azure cloud-based servers which yield a 99+% uptime. We provide a link that can be emailed to your attendees or featured on your event website. Or we can also provide embed code so you can feature the flipbook directly on one of your own webpages.

We offer several ways to restrict access to your digital flipbook, including: providing a single username and password that can be distributed to all users, or by granting access to a specific list of users (e.g., your attendee list). If you choose to feature a link to the flipbook on your website, you may also be able to control access through your member or registrant database.

From a technical standpoint, there are no limits to the number of users who can access the flipbook. It’s up to you to determine who you want to grant access to.

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