Video Recording Tool FAQs

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Our Video Capture & Recording Tool is a built-in feature of our CATALYST abstract management software. It can be used to collect video-only submissions from invited speakers. Or, use the full power of CATALYST to manage your complete call for abstracts, papers, posters and video presentations.

Absolutely! Except for some hard-coded text and buttons (such as Submit, Edit, and Withdraw), your video submission site starts essentially as a blank slate. You determine the instruction you want to provide and the questions you want to ask submitters, the limitations and requirements for those questions, and the order that information is provided, and your Omnipress project manager will set up your site accordingly.

There is no minimum or maximum number of video submissions. Because we are hosting the video recording tool on one of the top cloud-based services, we can easily flex its capacity to handle collections of all sizes, from large to small.

If speakers upload and submit a video that was created using another tool, the maximum file size is 2 gigabytes (GB). If submitters use our Video Capture & Recording Tool, the maximum file size is 6 GB.

Yes! The tool has a built-in video player, so the submitter can view their video recording from the video tab prior to hitting submit.

Absolutely. You can direct all your speakers to the Video Capture & Recording Tool to either record a new video or upload and submit an existing file. The only requirement is that the file must be in MP4 format and use the H.264 encoder.

Not only can reviewers see the videos, we strongly recommend including review round to check the quality of the recordings before they are made available to attendees.

Because our tool is a built-in feature of our CATALYST abstract management software, you can use the tool to collect just about anything you need for your conference, including papers, poster files, presentations, speaker photos and bios, session handouts, sponsor and exhibitor materials and logos. The CATALYST platform supports many file types, from Word documents and PowerPoint files to PDFs, videos, images, and audio files.

Not at this time. Presenters and sponsors would be submitting their videos as recorded.

We offer a Virtual Conference and Event Platform that provides virtual attendees on-demand access to videos and other session content. Your Omnipress project manager takes care of platform configuration, set-up, and the publishing of all event content for you.

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