Fulfillment FAQs

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During our Discovery process, we spend time understanding each title in your training or publications library including current order volume, frequency of content changes, and where each title is in its lifecycle. We also evaluate your current order fulfillment process and examine average shipping costs to develop a print and inventory plan that allows you to meet demand while minimizing waste.

We can integrate with just about any online storefront, member database or other order capture system, if it can provide the data as an XML file.

Each customer is assigned an implementation team that includes your dedicated Project Manager, who serves as your main point of contact the entire time you are with Omnipress. They will start by gathering input from multiple internal stakeholders on operational, reporting, and invoicing needs to map out a clear transition plan that minimizes impact to learners and staff.

MicroInventory by Omnipress is a print and inventory production model that’s most commonly used for products where the future demand is less predictable, such as new titles or versions, or for titles that are at the end of their lifecycle or will be updated soon. We print a small volume to keep on-hand to provide a lower cost-per-piece, but don’t invoice you for those materials until they are shipped.

Absolutely! Omnipress currently ships to over 270 countries each year using our UPS account. Your assigned project manager handles all aspects of customs, duties, and taxes, giving you one less thing to worry about.

We offer a full range of inventory management reports that show the data all internal stakeholders need, including balance on hand; usage; and cost per order. We also work with you to provide invoices in a way that meets your accounting requirements, such as incorporating specific accounting codes or providing a breakout of all production, shipping, and order processing costs.

Definitely! If you typically bundle your printed materials—from manuals and books to certificates and promotional materials—with other premium items as part of your course, you can send everything to Omnipress for storage. As each order is received, we will assemble, wrap, and ship everything together in a convenient packet for your learners and instructors.

We welcome the opportunity to be included in your RFP process. Please send your proposal to: JustAsk@omnipress.com. A member of our team will reach out to confirm receipt and next steps.

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