MicroInventory™ Print and Fulfillment

The benefits of print-on-demand at a better cost per piece.

We take on the risk. You only pay for what ships.

How MicroInventory™ Works in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Omnipress uses your order data to estimate smaller print run quantities that meet ongoing demand while reducing waste and overhead.
  2. We print and inventory your educational materials in our warehouse and ship as orders come in.
  3. We invoice you only when your materials ship.

MicroInventory is an ideal solution in cases where demand is harder to predict, such as with a newer title.

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Right-size Your Print Runs

We work with you to find the right print quantity to meet mid-term demand. This means you don’t print too much and you won’t have to worry about backorders.

Reduce Overhead

Our MicroInventory solution reduces the large, up-front costs of printing, warehousing, and fulling orders. And because we print in smaller quantities, you reduce your storage costs.

Minimize Financial Risk

With MicroInventory, you don’t pay up-front for books you don’t need. And because we use your data to set an optimal print run cadence and don’t invoice you until your order is shipped, Omnipress takes on the financial risk, not you.

MicroInventory Pricing

MicroInventory print and delivery pricing is determined by:

  • Estimated annual order demand
  • Print piece specifications (page count, finished size, binding type, finishing, etc.)
  • Whether kitting services are also included
  • Shipping destination(s)

Cost includes ongoing services from your Omnipress project manager who provides continual oversight of the planning, printing, inventory management, and delivery of your materials.

MicroInventory FAQs

MicroInventory is typically used in cases where future demand is less predictable, such as with a newer version of an existing manual, or for titles that are at the end of their lifecycle or will be updated soon. Because we offer several ways to manage your print runs so that you’re getting the best cost-per-piece while meeting demand, your Omnipress team will work with you to develop a print and inventory strategy that is best for you.

We determine print run quantity based on your historical order data and trends, as well as other factors such as how often the content is updated. During our Discovery process, we work with you to evaluate all of this data, ask questions about your programs and processes, understand your current challenges and goals, and make recommendations based on what’s best for your organization.

We typically work with associations, non-profits, corporations and other organizations who offer professional development and training resources in the form of manuals, workbooks, coursebooks, technical standards, and journals.

We welcome the opportunity to be included in your RFP process. Please send your proposal to : JustAsk@omnipress.com. A member of our team will reach out to confirm receipt and next steps.


Looking for a low-risk way to provide learners with the print they love while reducing costs and overhead?

MicroInventory may be the answer you’re looking for.