Digital Publications

Turn your manuals, standards books, journals, and other association publications into a searchable online resource.

Digital Publications

Provide online access to your printed publications on a searchable, user-friendly platform

We create and host searchable PDFs of your member publications on our responsive, user-friendly digital publications platform. Digitize a single journal or book, or create a robust online member resource library for your association.

Digital Publications Platform Features

  • Enhanced search capabilities, including faceted search by title and keyword
  • Responsive design
  • Supports multiple file types, including PDFs, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, videos and images
  • Multiple options for access control, including single sign-on
  • Branded home page featuring customizable content, navigation menu, and additional resources
  • Customizable colors and branding
  • Online Help & Support resource area for end users
  • Integration with your AMS or other database
  • Connect platform traffic to your Google Analytics account to track user behavior
Digital Publications Access Control

Protect Your Content with Access Control Options

Single Sign-On – Integrate our digital publications platform with your AMS or other database to authenticate users and provide a seamless login experience.

License Manager – Grant, revoke, and manage subscription options for individuals or groups through an easy-to-use online interface.

Single Username and Password – A simple, budget friendly option. Create a single username and password that is shared with those who are allowed access to your publication(s).

Measure Digital Publication Performance

We add your Google Analytics ID to your digital publications platform so you can track user behavior and content performance alongside the rest of your web data.

Pair with a Printed Publication

Let your members decide how they want to learn. Offer printed versions of your online journals, guides, manuals and other resources to provide more value to members while generating additional revenue for your organization.

Online Publications Platform Pricing

Total platform cost varies depending upon the number of publications, size of publication, and the complexity of your requirements.

Our customers pay an average of $4,000 per year.

Platform cost includes:

  • 12-month hosting agreement, which can be extended beyond that
  • Set-up/implementation by your Omnipress Project Manager

Online Publications Platform Frequently Asked Questions

We offer several access control options that protect the value of your content, ranging from simple and budget-friendly (and no IT resources needed) to more complex. We can provide a shared username and password that is distributed to all approved users, where all users have the same level of access to the entire publication or publication library. You can put the link to the Omnipress online platform behind your own firewall. You can use our License Manager software which provides the ability to grant and manage different access levels without requiring your IT resources. Or we can work with you to establish Single Sign-On (SSO) integration between our platform and your AMS or another database. Your Omnipress account manager will work with you to explore the option that works best for your requirements, budget, and resources.

Absolutely! As part of your platform setup, we will incorporate your logo, brand colors and other graphic elements to provide a consistent user experience between your website, print publications, and other online resources.

Users can search and find specific content within a publication by using the navigation menu, the faceted search menu, or by keyword.

Within our platform, you can choose whether you want to allow users to download and/or print PDFs of your publication. Additionally, you can choose to turn on the browser-based notetaking feature so users can annotate the PDF for their own reference.

The standard length is 12 months however we can adjust that timeframe (shorter or longer) based upon your needs. Additionally, several of our customers have chosen to build a multi-publication library as a robust resource for members.

We can connect data from your digital publications platform to your Google Analytics account. If you have an existing Google Analytics account, we will embed your Google Analytics ID into the platform, which will give you access to platform metrics in your Google Analytics dashboard, including audience analytics, content analytics and traffic analytics. If you don’t have a Google Analytics ID, we can use ours and provide you the credentials so you can obtain the analytics at any time.

While the cost of our platform varies depending upon the number of publications, the size of your publication, and the complexity of your requirements, our platform was designed as a practical, budget-friendly way to deliver your valuable content to members. In the past year, the cost has ranged from $1,800-$28,000. Across all our customers, the average cost is $4,000. One of our account managers will happily provide a quote that reflects your needs and requirements.

All our products are full-service, which means we handle all the setup for you! Each customer is assigned a dedicated project manager who serves as your main point of contact the entire time you work with us.

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