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Online Publications Provide More Choice and Value for Association Members

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Online Publications and Resources Provides Choice and Value for Association Members

Online publications and digital resources provide association members with accessible and trusted industry resources. We host your educational content and PDFs in an online library of content. Pair online materials with printed publications to provide members with even more value while creating additional revenue streams for your organization.

Host PDFs of Industry and Trade Books, Journals, Standards, Research,
Technical Manuals, Policy Books and Other Resources in an Online Library

Omnipress can create and host a branded digital database featuring publications that allows members to easily access educational materials online. Host a single publication or an entire library of content.

Multiple Search Options Make it Easier to Find Content

Members can search publications and resources on an optimized website featuring user-friendly navigations, HTML-based navigations which link to pdf documents, faceted search by title and keyword and optimized meta data.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Platform for Anytime Access

Our platform features responsive design, so whether your site is accessed on a desktop computer or mobile device, your content will be viewable for the best user experience.

Your Branding for a Seamless User Experience

Incorporate your logo, colors and other graphic elements to maintain consistency across your website, print publications and online resources.

Grant Member-Only Access with Gated Controls

Protect the value of your content by limiting access to members only or specific users and groups with gated access controls.

Integrate with Your AMS or Member Software

Our online publications and resource database integrates with your existing AMS or other member management software, providing easy and seamless access for members while eliminating the need for duplicate data entry by your staff.

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