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Customer Tools

As you prepare your print files for final production use our tools and guidelines to help ensure a smooth process.

Artwork Guidelines

These guidelines contain information on just about every aspect of content production including fonts, graphics, and proofs for book covers, CDs, brochures, and folders.



  • Compress (zip) all supporting graphics prior to emailing or uploading.
  • All graphics must be high resolution (300-600 dpi).


  • Proofs of your art are supplied in PDF format and are a representation of color separations and text placement.
  • PDF proofs are not a true color representation of the finished product.

File Formats

  • We accept Mac and PC files.
  • We can accept up to the current versions of the following programs: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Quark Xpress.
  • Include a PDF of your final art file along with the native files.


  • Please compress (zip) and send all fonts to ensure your files print correctly.
  • Sans serif type must be 4 points or larger.
  • Serif type must be 6 points or larger.
  • We recommend printing small text in black.

Design for Computer vs. Print

  • A design viewed on a computer screen is in RGB, a color process only used for monitor display.
  • The RGB process can project colors which are unavailable in CMYK.
  • All RGB files need to be converted to CMYK before submission or results may not reproduce as expected.

Color Printing on CD-ROM Discs

  • A digital disc is made of plastic with metalization added so it has different printing and ink absorption properties than paper.
  • CMYK colors can shift dramatically on a disc label.
  • As a general guideline, flat colors are best produced in spot color (Pantone), photographic images in process color (CMYK), and it is best to avoid using gradients.
  • Gradients on discs typically cause a banding effect. To avoid banding, the gradient must range from 30% to 60%.


Our templates make creating artwork easy. Download the appropriate option and you’re ready to go! Or, if you need some help and guidance, our designers can help.

Using The Templates

  • Keep your artwork on a separate layer from the template.
  • Note the template bleed lines and supply a minimum bleed of 1/8”.

Prepare Your Files for Production

This helpful, one-page PDF provides simple tips to ensure your multi-authored content is organized and in final sequence for print, CD, USB, or online production.
View and Download

Transferring Files

We use Sharefile to send and receive large client documents. Please contact your project manager. They will provide you with detailed instructions and support to make it as easy as possible for you to get your files to us.

Brochure, Badge Agenda, and Folder Templates

Badge Agenda (Tri-Fold)Design Viewpdf
Adobe InDesign (CS2 or newer), Illustrator PDFzip
Pocket Agenda (Tri-Fold)Design Viewpdf
Adobe InDesign (CS2 or newer), Illustrator PDFzip
Full-Size Tri-Fold BrochureDesign Viewpdf
Adobe InDesign (CS2 or newer), Illustrator PDFzip
Full-Size Presentation Folder9" x 12" with 4" Inside Pockets & Business Card Holdereps

Event Swag / Welcome Kit Box Label Templates

Small Box LabelsDesign Viewpdf
Large Box LabelsDesign Viewpdf

CD Label Face, Packaging and Flash Drives

CD/DVD FaceDesign Viewpdf
Adobe InDesign (CS4 or newer), Illustrator PDFzip
Jewel CaseDesign Viewpdf
Adobe InDesign (CS4 or newer), Illustrator PDFzip
2-Panel RomvelopeDesign Viewpdf
Adobe InDesign (CS4 or newer), Illustrator PDFzip
4-Panel RomvelopeDesign Viewpdf
Adobe InDesign (CS4 or newer), Illustrator PDFzip
Mail-friendly RomvelopeDesign Viewpdf
Adobe InDesign (CS4 or newer), Illustrator PDFzip
Power+ USBIllustrator PDFpdf
The Swivel USB DriveIllustrator PDFpdf
The Curve USB DriveIllustrator PDFpdf
The Credit Card USB DriveIllustrator PDFpdf

Color Charts

Use the color charts as needed for selecting paper stocks and other items. Please note: These charts are for reference only and not intended to be an exact match of the final color.

PDF Support

Do you need help creating or preparing PDFs? Let your Omnipress project manager know. We can help you with common questions including minimum requirements, our PDF conversion policy, and Acrobat Distiller conversion settings. Get the most up-to-date information about creating, editing, and protecting your PDFs from Acrobat’s Help and Tutorials page.

Predictable, Transparent Fulfillment Pricing

Formatting and Design Services

Whether you have an in-house design team that could use an extra set of hands with final formatting or you need full design support, we can help. Our print designers have decades of experience, specifically with conference materials. They can bring a piece to life that both reflects your brand and makes the content as user-friendly as possible.