Fulfillment and Distribution

Manage the Inventory Levels of Your Printed Materials
to Meet Course Demand

Solutions for fulfilling your printed training materials and member publications that make better business sense.

We do more than just pick, pack and ship your educational materials. We simplify your fulfillment workflow and streamline processes so you can make better business decisions. We help you set and manage the right inventory levels for each title in your training and resource libraries to meet course and member demand while minimizing overhead and spoilage. And we ensure your materials are delivered on time, every time.

Simple Ordering and Tracking of Your Materials

Whether you’re collecting orders for printed materials through a registration system, an online store or through email, we can work with your current process to set up a simplified workflow. Go fully automated through system integration or manually enter customer orders with ease directly into our fulfillment system.

  • Integrate with your AMS, registration system or another database
  • Custom report options provide the most important data to each department and stakeholder, from operations to accounting

Predictable, Transparent Fulfillment Pricing

We eliminate hidden charges, like warehouse location upcharges that customers often don’t expect. Instead, we provide simplified, streamlined pricing that is more predictable and transparent.

Branded Packaging and Cross-Promotion

Increase exposure to your brand and create a lasting impression with our custom branding options on shipping labels, boxes and more.

Why Work with Omnipress?

Work With a Dedicated Project Manager

You’ll have one primary point of contact for as long as you work with us. They also serve as a valuable resource, providing ideas and suggestions to help you simplify processes and save costs.

Staffed by Career Professionals

Our warehouse team consists of seasoned veterans who understand how to deliver educational materials that arrive on time and as expected.

Specializing in Educational Content

We were founded to help organizations deliver educational content to their members, learners and staff. It’s what we do for hundreds of associations and other organizations each year.

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