Print & Fulfillment:

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

As soon as we have a signed contract in place,
here’s what you can expect:


Gathering data and files

We will request a list of your SKU numbers, historical usage data, and print files.


Printing and warehousing of your books

If you have existing inventory with another provider, we arrange shipment of half the amount to our warehouse immediately, and the remaining inventory on the final date of your previous contract.

If you don’t have existing inventory, we use your historical usage data to print and inventory a just-right quantity of books to meet current demand.


Fulfillment system setup

We add your inventory and SKU data to our online fulfillment system, set up your monthly reports, and create login access for you and your team.


Integration with your order database

We help you set up integration to our online fulfillment system. And, we have processes in place to receive, track, and manage orders seamlessly in the meantime.


Team training

We train your team on how to access and use the Omnipress fulfillment portal to easily get the data you need, anytime.

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