online video training platform

Online Video
Training Platform

Provide on-demand access to instructor-led video training courses for professional development programs.

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Online Video Training Platform Features

  • Responsive, templated design
  • HTML-based course descriptions and learning objectives
  • Cross-promotion for other courses
  • Instructor bio page
  • Content displayed as PDFs or MP4 videos
  • Side hamburger or standard top navigation menu
  • Configurable navigation menu titles
  • User access control
  • Customizable color scheme
  • In-course commenting
  • Engagement analytics
  • Google Analytics reporting
  • Supports outbound URL linking
  • Embed on your website with a few lines of code
Host On-demand Training Videos for Virtual Courses

Video On-Demand

Host On-demand Training Videos for Virtual Courses

Work with instructors to record and submit MP4 videos for their course lectures. Include supplemental materials such worksheets, quizzes, case studies, and other digital learning materials.

Accepted file types: MP4s, PDFs, Word docs, and PowerPoint presentations.

*Instructors can use our Video Capture & Screen Recording Tool to create their videos. There’s no need to download additional software—the tool works right within your browser.

Manage & Deliver Course Content

Provide a flexible virtual training course experience for learners

Publish the online video training platform to your website with just a few lines of embed code.

Learners can search the platform by topic, course name, instructor, and content keyword to find relevant training courses they can view on-demand.

In-course commenting for increased course participation and engagement.

Disqus Audience Analytics


Collect and analyze training course engagement and participation levels

It’s easy to analyze course performance and discover your most engaging lectures and section content with analytics.

Track top videos, course material reads, comment reads, and total engagements.

Review learner analytics like new and returning students and engaged users over time.

Video Training Platform Pricing

Our Video Training Platform pricing consists of two parts:

  1. Nominal charge per uploaded file
  2. 12-month hosting agreement, which can be extended beyond that

*Price includes time and labor for your Omnipress project manager to handle all the platform set-up and file uploads.

Video Training Platform Frequently Asked Questions

As you look for new ways to deliver your in-person, instructor-led courses, providing on-demand video content allows participants to access these videos and PDF materials anywhere, anytime. This makes learning flexible and convenient for learners who are now forced to juggle multiple priorities from home.

There are a few different ways that we can facilitate Q&A within our Virtual Conference Platform. First, the platform includes a commenting tool where speakers can go in at any time and answer questions or respond to comments. Additionally, you can designate specific times that a speaker will be available during the day to monitor and respond to questions and comments in real-time.

Many organizations choose to host files for 12 months; however we can adjust that timeframe (shorter or longer) based upon your needs.

Absolutely! Studies have shown that using printed materials to support virtual learning increases learning comprehension and retention. We can print and ship course materials to individual learners at their home or office. We can also bundle these materials and other items into a convenient kit—from practical tools such as pens, highlighters and Post-it® Notes to fun “swag” that enhances your brand and makes it easier to learn from home.

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Turn your in-person course into an online video training course

Omnipress offers a simple and cost-effective way to deliver instructor-led training in an on-demand video.

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