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We print student and instructor textbooks and workbooks for K-12 curricula providers.

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Printed student and teacher materials that reflect the quality of your curriculum.

Omnipress has been printing educational materials like textbooks, workbooks, and guides for more than 45 years. With a variety of print, binding, and finishing options, we make sure your books not only look great, but are also functional and durable. And with cost-effective shipping and fulfillment services, we make it easy and affordable to deliver books to individual homeschoolers or in bulk to schools and school districts.

Four Ways to Print & Fulfill K-12 Course Materials

Omnipress offers several options for printing your textbooks. Need one large print run at the start of the school year? Or are you looking for ongoing print, warehousing, order and inventory management services? We’ll help you determine which option is best based on your print quantity, frequency, and how often you update your content.

Print your entire quantity at once and drop ship to your office, to a school, or send each book to individual homes.

Print a larger volume up-front that we store in our warehouse and fulfill as orders come in. Best for flagship textbooks with established or predictable order volume.

An Omnipress exclusive offering. Get the low-risk benefits of print-on-demand at a better cost per piece. Best for books where demand is harder to predict, like new titles or editions.

An Omnipress exclusive option. Best in cases where the printed textbooks are an added benefit, and not a revenue source. We take on the cost and logistics of printing your books.

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Choose Your Binding and Finishing Options

We offer a variety of binding types, tabs, and other finishes to increase the quality, usability, and durability of your course materials.

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Formatting and Design Services

Need fully design support or just an extra set of hands for final layout and formatting? Our designers can help!

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Custom Student and Teacher Kits

Student and Teacher Kits

Give your students and teachers everything they need for the course in one convenient kit. Pair your student textbook or instructor guide with practice tests, worksheets, or any physical items you use as learning tools. We can package and deliver in a high-impact branded box or a more economical shrink-wrapped kit.

Shipping Services

Flexible, cost-effective UPS, USPS, and truck carrier shipping options to ensure your books arrive on time. We ship to all U.S. States and territories and over 250 countries with standard and expedited delivery.

Print Pricing for Course Manuals

To secure an accurate print quote, please provide the following information:

  • Print quantity
  • Page count
  • Finished size
  • Number of colors
  • Binding type
  • Finishing (folds, perforations, tabs, etc.)
  • Order volume and frequency
  • Frequency of content changes
  • Shipping destination and delivery timeline
  • Whether you will be supplying a print-ready file or need design & formatting assistance

One of our print specialists will be able to provide an estimate and production schedule.

Print K-12 Course Materials: Frequently Asked Questions

Because we work with customers to help optimize their print runs to meet demand while securing the best cost-per-piece and minimizing unnecessary overhead or waste, our threshold is based on a total annual print run quantity, not on just a single print run. As a general rule of thumb, our customers print a minimum of a few hundred booklets (manuals, workbooks, course books, etc.) annually, and can produce up to tens of thousands in a year. In some cases, that annual volume is made up of just one piece or title, while other customers have an extensive training library consisting of hundreds of different titles.

Absolutely! We work with you on delivery options to support both in-person and virtual classes and workshops. This includes any combination of bulk shipment to one or several on-site locations and delivery to individual participants at their homes or offices.

Of course! We can print, assemble, and ship participant kits to a centralized site, to individual attendees, or a combination of both. These kits can include items for the course, such as pens, highlighters, Post-it® Notes, completion certificates, and more. You can also include promotional materials to advertise other courses, programs, or publications. Take it a step further and include premium items that bring your brand to life and support virtual learners at home, such as stress balls, fidgets, travel mugs, and more. For any materials that we are not producing in-house, simply ship them to us and we’ll include them with everything else.

In addition to print, we also offer warehousing and inventory management services. We’ll work with you to determine the right amount of books to print and inventory that meets forecasted demand, without over- or under-printing. And getting started is easier than ever with our simple 5-step process.

Not to worry! There are many situations that cause demand forecast to be difficult—from launching a new course to changes in program delivery due to a global pandemic. We provide several options to provide greater flexibility with your print runs, including a micro-inventory solution that provides a lower cost-per-piece and you don’t see an invoice until your books ship.

Each year, we work with hundreds of associations, non-profit organizations, association management companies, event planning companies, corporations, and other organizations to source, produce, and deliver print and digital session content to virtual and in-person participants.

We welcome the opportunity to be included in your RFP process. Please send your proposal to: A member of our team will reach out to confirm receipt and next steps.

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