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Print Training Manuals
and Materials

Printed training manuals, course books, workbooks,
and other educational materials for both in-person
instructor-led courses and online training programs.

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Print manuals and training materials that are professional quality. We provide flexible and cost-effective options.

For over 40 years, Omnipress has helped associations and other organizations with printing training manuals and course books for instructor-led training courses.

Whether your course is in-person or virtual, we specialize in not only printing your materials but also distributing them to their final destination at a teaching facility or to an individual participant’s home.

Printed training manuals and other materials for instructor-led courses

We print everything your instructors and learners need for a successful class

Course Books


Instructor Materials

Practice Exams

Roster Cards

Completion Certificates

Binding Options

We provide binding options that make your educational materials more functional and professional.

Tab Options

Make your educational content easier to navigate with customizable tabs.

Training Class Participant Kits

Not only can we print your training manuals and other course materials, we can also include them with branded premium items such as pens, highlighters, notebooks, and more, in a custom participant kit.

Send premium items to us and we will assemble and ship course participant kits to the homes of your virtual learners or another destination. We can also work with your team to select and order specialty items for your kits.

training materials fulfillment distribution shipping inventory management

Fulfillment and Distribution

Manage the inventory levels of your printed training materials with our fulfillment and distribution services.

We’ll help you meet course demand for your instructor-led training courses, whether they are in-person or online. We ensure materials are delivered on time, every time – whether it be to a facility or to your student’s individual homes.

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Flexible Print Runs

Understanding your unique challenges and opportunities is our top priority.

Before we provide a price quote, we first seek to understand your current order volume, frequency of content changes, and more to help you determine the best print run length for each title in your training library.

  • High-volume print runs for flagship products
  • Lower volume runs for small courses and aging titles
  • A micro-inventory solution for new titles you are uncertain about – we print a slightly higher volume for a lower cost-per-piece but don’t invoice you until your books ship

Online Video Training Platform

Provide remote access to instructor-led training videos and PDF materials to students anytime, anywhere. Learn more about our on-demand video training course platform.

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Staffed by Career Professionals

Our seasoned professionals have 230 years of combined experience printing educational materials. No novices on our production floor!

Work With a Dedicated Project Manager

You’ll have one primary point of contact for as long as you work with us. They’ll manage the day-to-day details of your project and provide insights.

Formatting and Design Services

Need full design support or just an extra set of hands with final formatting? Our designers create user-friendly materials that enhance learning.

Receive a free sample of your course material from our presses.

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