Educational Webinars

Helpful tips, ideas, and industry knowledge you can apply on the job.

Looking to Engage Gen Z? Harness the Power of Video on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Generation Z (Gen Z) wants everything associations have to offer. So is it so hard for associations to engage them? Because we’re not telling the right stories, through the right channels.

Spilling the Tea on Gen Z by Omnipress

Gen Z has arrived in the workforce. Is your association ready? Learn how current world events are shaping the views, behaviors, and expectations of young professionals and what this means for future membership.

What’s Really on the Event Horizon: Takeaways from the 2023 Conference Industry Report

During this 1-hour panel discussion, Omnipress Director of Marketing Tracy Grzybowski hosts three esteemed event industry pros as we break down key themes and findings from the Omnipress 2023 Conference Industry Report.

Timesaving Tips for Your Next Call for Abstracts, Papers, and Presenters

Abstract management experts share their tips and tricks to make your next call for papers or speakers easier.

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