Looking to Engage Gen Z?

Harness the Power of Video on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok

Generation Z (GenZ) is the newest generation to enter the workforce. They are large, mission-focused, and very interested in professional development opportunities that will provide job stability and advancement.

In other words, they want exactly what your association offers.

So why are many associations struggling to attract and engage them?  It comes down to one thing: how and where you’re telling your story.

Associations used to be the primary source of industry information. Today, Gen Z is surrounded by an abundance of training, resources, and peer connection opportunities from alternative sources. And they’re using different channels to find these resources.

During this one-hour online discussion, we’ll address how associations can better compete for (and capture) Gen Z’s attention in this crowded marketplace, including:

  • Which platforms Gen Z is (and isn’t) using to find resources, answers, and solutions
  • What information they’re looking for, and why
  • How to use video and other content to tell a compelling story
  • Best practices for distributing this content across platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok

About Your Hosts:

Tracy Grzybowski, Director of Marketing – Omnipress
Tracy Grzybowski is a marketing leader with over 25 years’ experience leading the strategic development, execution, and measurement of marketing plans for dozens of industries, including travel and tourism, insurance and financial services, and associations and events. She is currently the Director of Marketing at Omnipress, an organization that serves the association industry. She also spent several years serving on the Board of her local chapter of the American Marketing Association in a variety of roles, including President.

Rusty Williams, Founder – AnswerStage
Rusty is Co-founder of AnswerStage — a video collection and production platform used by major associations to showcase the expertise and personalities of their members in video marketing. He has helped start and grow several companies including Delphi Internet, Individual, Inc, Prospero Technologies, and KnowledgeVision. The common thread in all of these ventures has been leveraging the value and cost-efficiencies of user-generated content and online communities.