Virtual Conference & Event Platform Product Demo

30-minute product demo of our Virtual Conference & Event Platform

Omnipress is officially announcing the launch of our Virtual Conference & Event Platform! Join Tracy Grzybowski, Omnipress Director of Marketing, and Paul Baldridge, Digital Product Director, for this 30-minute product demo.

If you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective way to provide your virtual event attendees on-demand access to videos, session presentation and speaker materials directly from your even website, look no further!

The Omnipress Virtual Conference & Event Platform is easy to implement, simple to use and comes with the full support of your Omnipress project manager.

Some of the features we’ll cover in this demo include:

  • How users can search through and access content by topic, track, author or speaker and keyword
  • Branding options for a consistent user experience
  • The ability to leave comments for authors, speakers and attendees