“Spilling the Tea” on Gen Z as Your Future Members & Employees

Generation Z has arrived in the workforce. Is your association ready?

As each generation comes of age, we seem to be surrounded by endless hyperbole on how THIS is the group who is going to UPEND EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER KNOWN ABOUT THE WORLD! But as with this and any generation that came before them, youth plays a big factor in how they view the world, and what they expect. However, once you remove that from the equation, it’s hard to deny that this group possesses characteristics that make them different from generations of young adults that preceeded them because the world we live in continues to change.

They are the first mobile natives who have been able to access to the entire world, 24/7 since the age of 12 (or younger!) They have grown up against the backdrop of mass shootings, climate change, and a global pandemic. And they have very strong opinions about what they need to be successful and aren’t afraid to share them with you.

In this enlightening and engaging discussion with Omnipress Director of Marketing Tracy Grzybowski, we look beyond sweeping generalizations, and instead focus on truly understanding how current world events are shaping the views, behaviors, and expectations of young professionals today. The goal of this discussion is to help you walk away with a better understanding of what they need and want, and how you can best “meet them in the middle.” You don’t need to ditch your entire strategic playbook, but you may need to make some adjustments to reach and engage them, while being prepared to mentor them through an era of unprecedented uncertainty.